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Monday, June 3, 2013

Coaching is not Old School Anymore

The days of using verbal abuse and sometimes physical abuse as ways to coach are long gone in the coaching profession. Let’s just take a look at Rutgers University as an example. First, the head men’s basketball coach and know the new athletic director. What is more astounding is your past behaviors will also follow you because of today’s social media, the Internet, Facebook, tweeter, etc.

Being a teacher/coach for the past 34 years I have lived by a rule, treat your athletes as you would do your students in your classroom. Yes, it is hard to remember if I have ever done anything in a negative manner. My former players could. They have the avenue now to make it public and that’s what coaches should remember, the impact you leave on a young mind sometimes is never forgotten.

Erk Russell courtesy GSU Athletics

We as coaches must be role models in everything, we do. From youth coaches to professional coaches, we have many eyes examining our coaching ways. Coaches need to bear in mind that to teach is to coach as is to coach is to teach. Remember you influence so many and as the great Georgia and Georgia Southern Coach Erk Russell said to his players, “Do Right” and as coaches, we can do the same.

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