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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you ready for some football? Local High schools start Friday night!

It’s that time of the year. We have waited for the referee’s first official whistle since all the pigskins were put up. That just happened to be last December. This year brings in the hope that each and every prep football team in the Savannah area will make the state championship. We had one do that last year, The Memorial Day School (Matadors) Blue Thunder as they are called ion the gridiron, for second consecutive year. They are looking to “3” peat this year and bring the “SHIP” home to Savannah again.

Who will do it this year? Who are the best football players in the coastal empire? Who will win under the “Friday Night Lights”? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. That’s why I will make my weekly predictions every Thursday night. Last year I finished 105-23. That was an 82%. Not bad I must say. My picks are in bold. Hopefully I will be just as good starting in Week 1. We shall see.

Just like last season I will not pick the Effingham County (**), because I coach there and the Calvary (*) game, because my son plays for Calvary. My picks are the schools in bold. So you make the picks and let me know how good you do.

Once again the “Friday Night Lights” are about to be turned on and “You Gotta’ Love It”. Good luck to the entire Savannah Area Prep football teams tonight! No matter what, you are all winners because of the commitment you make everyday in practice to succeed on Friday nights.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


       I have been coaching for a long time—since 1979. I have coached from the youth leagues all the way to the college ranks. I still say, “Losing Stinks!” I can remember watching Wide World of Sports on Chanel 7. That was the ABC station where I grew up. I can always remember the announcer, Jim McKay, saying in the introduction, “The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.” Believe me, when you lose, it is definitely AGONY!
      That’s what I see and feel when teams I coached or watch make it to the state playoffs and lose. Again, AGONY! Whether it’s the first round of the high school state playoffs, college sectionals, or the championship game of a middle school league, losing is tough to deal with.
      So what do we get out of losing? I know it feels awful, but within any loss or setback lays the seeds for success. I know losing can be used as motivation. Remembering how badly it felt can encourage you to work harder and to get better. Where does this start again? It all starts in practice…again.
      Once again remembering how badly you felt should propel you to work harder, to push yourself further, and to get more out of each and every practice. There is a quote I always say to my teams, “You play like you practice.” Remember, it is the quality of your practice that counts, and keeping that goal in mind to win will help ease the pain of the loss.
      But keep in perspective that someone always has to win and someone always has to lose. That’s the sad part of any sport or competition. You know that you played like the winner. Just remember you are also the victor for taking the chance to lose. Learn from it, because success is never final, and failure is never fatal. Keep working hard, and success will come. All athletes take chances, and this is what makes all athletes WINNERS!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Class of 2010 Going to the Next Level - Local Athletic College Scholarships - Class of 2010

         Student athletes all have dreams. That dream is one day to become a college student athlete. This year in the Savannah Area, we have had a very successful rate of students receiving one form or another of an athletic scholarship. Below is a list of student athletes who will continue their athletic career at the next level. A huge congratulation goes out to them, their parents and family, their schools, their coaches, their teammates and friends. If I have left someone off the list let me know. They deserve this recognition and to all good luck in college!

Local Athletic College Scholarships - Class of 2010

Heyward, Simeon – Football – Savannah State

Bryant, Jabri – Basketball – Mercer University
Coursey, Daniel – Basketball – Mercer University
Fries, Joey – Basketball – Emory
Hunt, Alex – Baseball – West Georgia
Villa, Carson – Soccer – University of South Carolina at Aiken
White, C.J. – Wrestling – Mercer University
Wright. Nick – Wrestling – Mercer University

Bible Baptist
Nelson, Shane – Football - LaGrange

Carr, John – Baseball – Brewton Parker
Evans, Jordan – Soccer – Delta State
Howard, Ross – Baseball – Andrew College
Jacobs, Kaylie – Twirling - University of South Carolina
Poole, Tiffany – Volleyball – Toccoa Falls

Arrington, Chase – Basketball – East Georgia
Bennett, Quincy – Basketball – Brewton Parker
Brant, Josh – Baseball - Darton College
Hames, Meaghan – Soccer – Young Harris
Manior, Marquel – Basketball – Brewton Parker
Rahn, Matt – Baseball - Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College
Rogers, Justin – Baseball – Brewton Parker
Snooks, Joseph – Baseball – Armstrong Atlantic State University

Wilson, Richie – Basketball/Track – Shorter College

Cross, Kalee – Soccer – Tabor College, Kansas
Ricks, Eric – Baseball – Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College
Thompson, Antonio – Football – Chadron State College, Nebraska
Johnson McMains, Jessica – Soccer - USC-Salkahatchie

Memorial Day School
Palmer, Kevin - Soccer – South Georgia College
Sanchez, Gabby – Baseball – East Georgia
Sanchez, Sal – Baseball – East Georgia College
Sauls, Jon – Football – Georgia State
Thompson, Tyler – Football - Savannah State
Welch, A.J. – Football - Savannah State

Richmond Hill
Carlson, Tyler – Basketball – Mars Hill

Savannah Christian
Truax, Layton – Golf – Newberry College
Cook, Kaitlyn – Golf – Shorter College

South Effingham
Collum, Robbie – Wrestling – Shorter College
Dodd, Tyler – Baseball – East Georgia College
Durance, Katie – Basketball - Agnes Scott
Manker, Frank – Football – Shorter College
Odom, Jake – Baseball – East Georgia College
Smith, Kane – Baseball – SCAD

St. Vincent’s
Otto, Jordon - Soccer – Armstrong Atlantic State University
Rochefort, Emily – Volleyball – Mercer University
Rodriquez, Carre – Soccer – Alabama A & M

Urban Christian
Gordon, Artasian – Basketball – St. Louis Christian
Mitchell, Rashawn -Basketball - New Mexico Junior College
Shelton, Josh – Basketball – New Mexico Junior College

Monday, July 26, 2010

Former Savannah Area Prep Golfer’s Successful over the Past Weekend

Former Savannah area prep and collegiate standout golfers, Mark Silvers and Brian Harman had a great deal of success this past weekend on the golf links. Both golfers are playing in tournaments with the aspirations of making it to the Professional Golfers Association qualifying school, which also is a series of qualifying tournaments. The top 25 golfers in the final round of qualifying school earn a PGA tour card and the privileges to compete on the PGA Tour the following season.

Mark Silvers (Savannah Country Day School) from the University of South Carolina shot a 201, which was 15 under par to win the National Golf Associations (NGA) Hooters Carolina Series tournament at the Black Bear Country Club on Friday. One week prior to the Black Bear Tournament, Silvers won the Legend Parkland Tournamnet which is also part of the NGA Carolina Series in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Brian Harmon (Savannah Christian Preparatory School) from the University of Georgia finished his 10th e-Golf series tournament at the Forest Oaks Classic in High Point North Carolina. His four round total of 273, which was 15 under par, tied him for 1Oth place. This season Brain has finished in the top 10 seven times. His best finish was 2nd at The Championship at St. James Plantation Flounders Club in Southport, North Carolina on Apr 10. Brain shot a 281 that was seven under par and one stroke behind the winner.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


AUGUST 14, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Best Stadium Annoucer Ever

My childhood just past in front of me yesterday. The voice of the New York Yankees passed away yesterday, Bob Sheppard. Just shy of his 100th birthday. There was no one better and never will be. He was a pure professional.

Yes, I am an avid sports fan and there was nothing better then Bob Sheppard announcing the Yankee line-up while I was sitting in the great cathedral of baseball, Yankee Stadium. He pronounced the great Yankee names with a consistantancy like no other from 1951 to 2007. It always sent chills down my spine. So, click on this memorial on YouTube and to me it seems like only yesterday I was sitting in “The House the Ruth Built” listening to Bob Shepard, annouincing my boyhood immortals.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Problems High School Athletes Face Getting Into College

High school athletes face many problems getting into college. The problems can range from not getting the proper guidance, academically and athletically, or not working hard to achieve this goal. Also, there might not be any exposure by the local media. Parents, coaches, high school athletes need to be aware this situation.

The student needs to rely on his or her own instincts on how to achieve this goal. By the time they are seniors they have so many things to juggle and not enough time to do it. Most wait or sit back and expect a scholarship to fall out of the sky. You need to go get it.

Thousands of high school athletes are waiting for calls from college coaches. Some calls will be made, but many highly talented athletes will not get called. What went wrong? Why didn't the All-league or All-state athlete get recruited? The answers can be complicated, but the most important reason is visibility.

There are many things that you can do to raise your visibility among college coaches and to improve your chances of being offered a college sports scholarship. The best rule is do not wait for someone else to do it for you. As soon as you know what you want, it is time to begin working on your recruiting strategies. Hopefully you didn’t wait till your senior year.

A high school athlete or one that aspired to be one should have started this process as a freshman. They needed to stake out their path as soon as they entered high school. The question was who was there to guide them? Usually the parent has no idea what is needed. They expect their child’s god given talent to be sufficient, but it is far from enough. Athletic talent will only take you so far. Coaches are the next best thing, but many just sit around and wait for the college coaches to come to them. They have a lot on their plate besides recruiting. So, it just doesn’t happen by waiting.

If you waited for your senior year, it might have been too late. You should have been working hard on your grades. If you waited till your last year to make sure that you are eligible grade wise, it probably is too late. Hopefully the college recruiter can give you some advice to still reach your dream. There is still a chance, but this will take a lot of time and hard work.

Everybody needs to be educated on this topic. In reality, approximately 1 out of 25 high school students goes on to compete at the college level. Approximately half of those receive athletic aid. So, the overall odds are that about 1 in 50 high school athletes receive a college sports scholarship. The odds are better in some sports than others. Talent is important, but your talent must come to the attention of coaches. You can improve your odds by educating yourself, your parents, and coaches about this process. Remember do not wait, go for it. If you sit back your goal will never be achieved

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Dropped Ball at UGA

Why do high profile people in the sports world think that they are invincible? Once again, a high public position, an Athletic Director, tries to get away with something the average everyday person does not. It does not send out a good message to our youth in the United States.

When will top sports personalities realize that they are role models? Where are you Vince Dooley? The University of Georgia thought they had a reputable individual to take Coach Dooley’s spot as their “Big Dawg” of the athletic department and it seemed that way. We all make mistakes but the people in high profile position need to be more careful. I really can’t say Coach Dooley ever dropped the ball as the present athletic director just did. I agree with the officials of the school, the individual needs to be let go for his behavior.

I will always remember what my secondary education college professor told me, “A school is a smaller microorganism of our society. What happens in society happens on our campuses.” It is sad to say but true. UGA will go on; it is just another “black eye” in the sports world, because the people at the top think they can do no wrong whether it be administration or high profile athletes.

2010 Savannah Area High School Football Schedules are Updated

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dotson Starts Out Strong for the Lady Volunteers

Former Savannah Country Day softball standout Katherine Dotson started in right field and ripped a single right up the middle for her first collegiate hit, scoring in Tennessee's 4-2  victory over #9 nationally ranked Oklahoma on Sunday. The Lady Volunteers are ranked 16th coming into the 2010 NCAA Division I women’s fast pitch softball season.

Click on the link below for more information on what Tennessee expects out of Katherine this year.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's All About Heart in the Game of American Football

We take a lot of things in this country for granted. There are places in this world that are not as fortunate. I am glad that I am an American and coach here. I have all the resources I need and I am lucky to have them and blessed to be here. Just check this story out and you will also say that we are blessed here in the good ole' USA!

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