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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Say it Ain’t So Nick

It is amazing at what the Auburn football team has done the last two weeks, first a miracle tip ball against Georgia to win. You would have thought that was a play that would last for the ages in the Tigers football archives. It would be the number-one greatest play in their storied football history, but no lighting strikes twice within seven days.

This past weekend head coach Nick Saban of Alabama petitions for the officials to put one more second on the clock, and they go to replay, and it happens, but what happens in that one second will last forever. Being a head football coach and I know it’s only on the high school level you practice for a game-winning field from your kickers longest made field goal in practice. You know your players range.  Saban felt his kicker could make it from 57 yards. You believe in your players. You never think that the opposing team would return it for a game-winning touchdown, but you do practice this situation in case it happens.

Well, it did and you know Nick Saban is thinking in his mind as he said in his press conference, “he had never seen that happen before.” Believe me you practice for that one time it could happen, but as the Alabama faithful lost hope of another national championship, they are saying, “Say it Ain’t So Nick.”
Now who will be playing for this year’s BCS National Championship, and it looks like it won’t be the Crimson Tide.

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