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Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Dropped Ball at UGA

Why do high profile people in the sports world think that they are invincible? Once again, a high public position, an Athletic Director, tries to get away with something the average everyday person does not. It does not send out a good message to our youth in the United States.

When will top sports personalities realize that they are role models? Where are you Vince Dooley? The University of Georgia thought they had a reputable individual to take Coach Dooley’s spot as their “Big Dawg” of the athletic department and it seemed that way. We all make mistakes but the people in high profile position need to be more careful. I really can’t say Coach Dooley ever dropped the ball as the present athletic director just did. I agree with the officials of the school, the individual needs to be let go for his behavior.

I will always remember what my secondary education college professor told me, “A school is a smaller microorganism of our society. What happens in society happens on our campuses.” It is sad to say but true. UGA will go on; it is just another “black eye” in the sports world, because the people at the top think they can do no wrong whether it be administration or high profile athletes.

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