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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tiger has a Nike "RIPPLE" Affect

Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour tomorrow and people are doubting his ability to make the cut or even finish the most prestigious golf tournament every year, The Masters in Augusta Georgia. To me whether Tiger makes the cut or finishes this week at The Masters, Woods has left his mark on this game forever.

Tiger has grasped our attention everywhere he plays a round of golf. Not to mention the young golfers who wanted to be just like Tiger since he hit the PGA Tour in the late summer of 1996. Our up-and-coming  PGA stars like Rory McElroy have followed his prowess over the game of golf, and Nike has captured this in a commercial released last Sunday. It is called. "Ripple" and if you know anything about golf or sports Tiger still owns the golf world. Just click on the YouTube link, and you will know what I mean. Go Get'em Tiger!

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